Premium Auto Acceptance!

Do you have bad credit or no credit and have trouble getting approved for a car loan from a retail dealership? Tired of hearing that your credit score is “too low” and that you are “unbankable”? If you need a quality used vehicle and want to establish a positive credit rating for your future then Apply Now!

We don’t care what your credit score is or that those medical bills never got paid 10 years ago!  You have a repossession, bankruptcy, bad credit cards or even student loans, we forgive them all!  We approve YOU not your credit score!

  • Repossessions

    Even Multiple!

  • Bankruptcy

    Chapters 7 & 13 Could Qualify!

  • Divorce

    Bad Things Happen To Good People!

  • 300 credit score?

    We Qualify YOU Not Your Score!

Whatever the problem you have with your past credit experiences, leave them there!

It’s time to build your future, NOW! Click Below to begin your short credit application.

Our Dealers have 100’s of vehicles in stock just waiting for us to give financing for and that happens everyday!  We have a 98% approval rate and put many people everyday in cars, trucks, minivans and SUV’s that suit their specific needs.

Very polite. I have no credit and I’ve been approved for more than I could imagine.


Bought a Ford Ranger today. The people here really go the distance to get you approved! Very well managed and respectful! If you’re in need of a car this is the place to come!


These guys were very professional, and it was an honest environment which is hard to find in car lots. I would recommend DeFilippo to anyone that needs a car for a cheap down payment, they even gave me $700 trade for a car that won’t pass inspection! Check this place out!

Dom A.
Dom A.